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About Us

    Core Values

    The mission of GMHRA is to promote professional Human Resource development and leadership.

    1. Provide a local forum for personal and professional development, which allows each member to become a more valuable asset to his/her employer;
    2. Provide members with highly valued products and services to help drive the success of their businesses;
    3. Provide a local networking arena;
    4. Provide a focus for legislative action in human resource management issues at the local, state and national levels;
    5. Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct;
    6. Provide high value, high quality, dynamic and responsive programs and service to our members; and
    7. Promote diversity and prohibit discrimination against any people in any legally protected class in all aspects of membership or association with GMHRA.

    Companies Represented by GRAPE Members

    GRAPE Bylaws and Ethics Policy